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How to market a new website

Okay, so you want to go online, and you are working on the web site. Maybe you have your web site already up, and the traffic just isn’t what you expected? Well, would you have a wedding by just buying the dress? Maybe a Vegas Wedding is your style, but for a real wedding, there is a lot of planning. With your site, you must market it Continue reading “How to market a new website”

Bad Ass Site Awards

First, there are about a million web site awards you can win. Chances are some of those awards are so bad, you probably wouldn’t want them displayed on your web site even if you did win. If you are a web designer, chances are some of those awards are not within your reach because the people that give the awards away are web designers (the Lunar Graphics award, by the way, is for everyone). Continue reading “Bad Ass Site Awards”