Tag: Q&A

  • Screen resolutions for websites

    Question: I just found out that because my screen resolution was set to 1024×768 when I designed my sites, most people are not seeing what I designed, but instead something extremely large and very badly laid out (I only began in July, so I still have a lot to learn). My pages were designed in […]

  • Develop a E-commerce site

    Question: I’ve been designing web sites and printed materials for a few years now and rather recently I have been approached to develop e-commerce sites. What kind of tools do I need for that? Do I need my own server to set up the database?

  • Email signature

    Question: How do I create a signature of my address etc. on the bottom each time I send mail? I am using Netscape Navigator for my mail program?

  • Shrink a gif

    Question: I have a gif that I would like to shrink. How do I go about that without it looking pixelated?

  • Copy an active window

    Question: How do you copy an active window to the clipboard and only the active window?(Screen Shot) I can’t figure it out. Btw.

  • Table blending

    Question: I need to blend from “purple” to “red” in a table cell, and I need to do it in web safe colors. Can I do that?

  • Forum screening

    Question: I am considering placing a forum of sorts on my web site. A forum that would be for readers to ask and readers to answer. My question is, is there a way to screen the question/answers/ language or what not on the site without getting involved in the conversations?

  • Remove Blurred around edges

    Question: I’ve put pink text on top of a maroon background (using paintshop pro)& the resulting image is blurred around the text edges. how can i avoid this? would making two layers solve the problem? does jpg support this or does jpg merge the layers?

  • Scanner issue

    Question: Help ! I can’t seem to get the scanner to do it’s job. My image was scanned in with default setting at 300dpi. Seems that no matter what I do, I get that darned burlap texture. What levels can you suggest to adjust out this effect or do you think it is the scanner […]

  • Table Coordinates

    Question: How do you set a table to coordinates of x=0 and y=o…I am trying to fit a graphic in the top left corner and it seems basic html defaults to about 5×5 pixels or so..I have seen pages like this before so i know it is possible..do you happen to know the tag used […]