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Marketing plan outline

Okay, So you’ve developed what you think is an excellent marketing plan. You’ve identified your target audiences, set your business objectives and corresponding marketing goals, and decided upon your marketing strategies and tactics. Now that it’s all laid out, it seems easy enough. Just execute the plan! Right?!? Wrong. Continue reading “Marketing plan outline”

How to Write a Press Release

Do you have news to share but are uncertain about how to do so? Does the thought of writing a press release create more fear than anticipation? If so, this article will give you the information you need  to write a great press release, giving your news a chance to shine. You can also check out our other PR tips article with some great ideas.
Continue reading “How to Write a Press Release”

Bad Ass Site Awards

First, there are about a million web site awards you can win. Chances are some of those awards are so bad, you probably wouldn’t want them displayed on your web site even if you did win. If you are a web designer, chances are some of those awards are not within your reach because the people that give the awards away are web designers (the Lunar Graphics award, by the way, is for everyone). Continue reading “Bad Ass Site Awards”