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Talkin’ Client Side Part 1

Whether you are a seasoned design pro or a rookie just getting into the game, client relations are the key to making your business BOOM!! HAPPY clients make or break any business. It is what a successful business person should strive for (Bill Gates,take note) You want to be successful, right?? I thought so. This IS about marketing, right…? Continue reading “Talkin’ Client Side Part 1”

Talkin’ Client Side Part 2

Let’s do a refresher. Clients need to be taught. They need to know what you are building for them, how it works, how you are paid, what work you will be doing, etc. The client is not going to understand all of this, because the web and web development are new business concepts to most. Most clients have not been involved in web design prior to their involvement with you. Continue reading “Talkin’ Client Side Part 2”

How to Create a Winning Guarantee

First, let’s define marketing. For our purposes, marketing is defined as everything you do to get and keep customers. It includes advertising, sales, product fulfillment, billing and customer service.Guaranteed Marketing is defined as this: When you make it risk-free to buy from you and tell the world about it, more people will buy. Continue reading “How to Create a Winning Guarantee”