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You are probably saying, “I should just apply the solarize filter right?” WRONG. Unless you want an ugly garbled mess, you have to do it the right way. The old-school way! If you want to see the difference, just make a copy of your photo before, apply the stupid little filter, and then save it for later. Then trash it when you see how cool this method is. Then we will chant. I told you so…over and over.

You can use any type of photo, but we used a portrait on this example. If you decide to use a color photo, for this tutorial to work, you must switch to Grayscale. You can use this on color photos as well, but we used a Black and White shot. Below is the original shot we used. If you scan an image in, remove any lint, etc. that your scanner picked up by applying FILTER- NOISE-DUST AND SCRATCHES. We suggest playing around with the bars to see what results you want to get. You can click in the photo box to get closer to see those little buggers.

Here is our original

After we get the photo to what we want, we will start by adjusting the images curves. Normally, an image will have a diagonal line from left bottom to right top, with every input value represented by the same value on output.


Now, if you switch it, it will produce a negative effect. You can also create different angles and curves to produce various effects such as partial positives and negatives. We selected the bottom curve to apply to our image. Make sure you have the “preview” check box selected.

You can now add color to the image by adjusting the HUE/SATURATION box. You can experiment with this as well. If you want to use the eyedropper tool, you can select a color within your image to change. Then you would select the colorize and preview check boxes. We just left the default color, and played with the slider bars…it is just as much fun.

Finally, we took the image and adjusted its levels to bring out the darks,lights and midtones like we wanted.

Try experimenting with different curves and hue effects, you can come up with a million looks for your soul-arized photos!

Author: Gina Hutchings
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