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What is your profession?

A typical modern day Male/Female bar scene conversation . . .

What do you do???

Well…(with hesitation) I’m a web developer.

A what??

A web developer.

What the hell is that??

Well, what is the answer? You tell me.

Who knows anymore. The world is filled with millions claiming the title of web designer, web master, web guru, web consultant and the most abused, web developer. What a horrible mess we have gotten into here. Everyone from my next door neighbor to Clement Mok (if you don’t know who he is, you don’t deserve a title) claims some sort of glorified title with the word web in front of it, but “what the hell is that?”

In my case, any title I would claim would be derived from my background, work experience, knowledge and what I have proven success doing. My title should be substantiated in the above. Otherwise, I deserve no title.

So, I personally have a list of clients that I perform tasks for that are internet related. I build them web sites. I updated their web sites. I make stunning images for these web sites. I tell them what to name their website.

My title must be web something, right?

The problem is that I also perform other functions for them. I recommend software. I find ad revenue for their publishing efforts. I partner them with other related industries. I teach them how to write effective email. I teach them how to market themselves.

My title must be consulting something, right?

Oh, I also have over 3 years experience working for an advertising agency. 2 years experience in freelance design and a degree in the visual arts, as well.

Nope, my title must be designer.

You know what? Now that I think about it, I also write nifty little opinion and marketing articles so I probably should use the title of Marketing Specialist.

Ask yourself “what do I really do?” Answer it honestly and then ask yourself, “what have I done that was successful?” or even “what’s my background ?” If you have never done this or no one has ever put you in the situation to answer these questions, it is my turn to kick you in the pants and make you.

No more B.S!!

No more empty claims!!

Just some reality.

It may be that nothing you have done has been a success, you have no background and you just want to be loved. Well,TOUGH!! listen to a snippet of analogy.

<analogy> If you were a determined shoe salesperson and you couldn’t sell, you would be best advised to seek a new profession. The salesperson may also realize that what he/she really does is sell shoes not make them. If he/she wanted to make the shoes they may also want to seek a new profession. Lastly, if the salesperson never sold shoes before, he/she may or may not be a natural. There can be no way to determine the qualifications of this person other than seeing what other experiences they have had success in. Maybe they have no knowledge of shoes but they worked well at the customer service desk at the local bank. Well, they are probably good with people, but will they be able to be successful at selling shoes. WHO KNOWS?! If you aren’t experienced, don’t claim to be. </analogy>

This new media era has given way to a trend of titling in order to profit. This really disturbs me. Please quit the title abuse and just be happy doing what you do best, whatever that may be. It’s so much easier to work for an ISP that doesn’t claim to be a web designer or a webdesigner who doesn’t claim to be a programmer. Specialists!! Just do what you do best…!!

Do people/companies who know how to build a website (my mom can do this) deserve to claim to be web developers? Do people/companies who know where the register button is on Yahoo! (my mom can do this too) deserve to claim that they offer marketing/advertising services? What do these mean to you??

What do you do? What have you done? Are you new to the game??

Author: Gina Hutchings
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