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Scanner issue

Question: Help ! I can’t seem to get the scanner to do it’s job. My image was scanned in with default setting at 300dpi. Seems that no matter what I do, I get that darned burlap texture. What levels can you suggest to adjust out this effect or do you think it is the scanner itself??

Answer: It is actually called a moiré pattern, from the CMYK printing. If this is for the web, I would suggest scanning it as high as possible, and then using the blur filter, going to ADUST-LEVELS and then keep shrinking the size and dpi at the same time. If it is at 300 dpi and it is 1.5 inches, then adjust image size to 150 dpi and 4 inches at first. Then do the blur filter again(or gaussian blur) and then go down to 72 dpi and 6 inches…etc. Once the moiré pattern is out, then you can just adjust the size down to 4 inches, or 1.5 again, and you will gain resolution again. Make sure to experiment with a few different settings for the best results.

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