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Forum screening

Question: I am considering placing a forum of sorts on my web site. A forum that would be for readers to ask and readers to answer. My question is, is there a way to screen the question/answers/ language or what not on the site without getting involved in the conversations?

Answer: Yes, now you just need to decide how you want to handle it. If you don’t mind a few advertisements, forums like Ezboard. Ezboard is customizable and attractive.

If you want to run a message board on your site that is completely customizable, talk with your ISP. They may have a web board running on their server already. If you find that they don’t, ask them if they can set one up for you. Beware, they may charge you.

If you are technical enough, you can set up one yourself with a little help from your ISP. First, find out if they are running a NT or Linux server, and then search from there. Try searching for these key words in search engines. “web board” “message forum” “web forum” “www board” . You can also try adding the words Linux or NT in the searches.

Author: Gina Hutchings
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