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111 Petroad, MN 62703
Phone– 555.555.5555
Fax – 555.555.5555


Contact: Pet Dogman
Office: 555.555.5555
Pager: 555.555.5555

PetPals Announces Debut of HamsterTown

Pettown, MN February 12, 2011 – PetPals, Inc., a nationwide provider of pet-care products and services, announced the debut of their new customizable, multi-rodent habitat, HamsterTown. A snap-together rodent dwelling with standardized sections, rooms and passageways, HamsterTown can be assembled in many novel and creative ways.

“HamsterTown raises the bar both for pet-owner enjoyment and pet comfort,” said Al Herster, PetPal president and CEO. “Pet owners can have fun designing and building the habitat; and the pets get to enjoy new and different homes. Everybody wins.”

HamsterTown features six standard sections which snap together in various ways. The parts—named cube, ball, curve, L, J and junction—come in various colors. “Pets and owners will have hours of fun with HamsterTown,” said PetPals vice-president of rodent products, Sue Bernardo. “But it’s not just for hamsters. It’s also great for any kind of small rodents, such as mice or gerbils.”

PetPals, Inc., founded in 1984 and headquartered in Duluth, GA, provides many products and services in the pet-care sector. Their PetVittles division produces pet food, including their well-known PetBites line of pet snacks. Their PetSitter division oversees franchised pet-sitting establishments in malls and shopping centers nationwide, which provide such high-end services as pet massages, vacations and counseling.


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