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A press release sample for a Media Company. Feel free to use this text as a template but you are not allowed to resell it.

111 Mediaroad, AI 34333
Phone– 555.555.5555
Fax – 555.555.5555


Contact: Cherry Hill
Office: 555.555.5555
Pager: 555.555.5555

SpeedNet Media Solutions to Acquire Ross Technology and Design

SpeedNet Media Solutions of Philadelphia, the leading provider of digital convergence and social media technology, today announced it will acquire Ross Technology and Design of Cherry Hill, NJ. Ross is a provider of a full range of digital, graphic, and media design services with a full catalog of Fortune 500 and major media clients.

“We serve a lot of the same clients today, and we believe this is a perfect combination of core strengths to form a full-featured media services company,” said SpeedNet CEO Pat Parcells. “Ross has been a great partner for us for many years, and we’re happy to welcome them to our company.”

SpeedNet’s key clients include the Philadelphia Bulls of the American Basketball League and the National Reformers Party. Ross has long-standing partnerships with CBC Broadcasting of New York City, the American Services Society, and the League of American Voting. Together, the companies will employ more than 500 people in the Philadelphia area.

“We look forward to bringing the two companies together quickly and growing together long into the future,” said Parcells.

SpeedNet Media had total revenues of $278 million in fiscal year 2010, while Ross had revenues of $51 million.


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