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CityScape Communications
447 North Walnut Springfield, IL 62703
Phone– 217.535.1010
Fax – 217.535.1009


Contact: Luan Aten
Office: 217.535.1010
Pager: 217.622.0134

CityScape Communications Forges Strategic Alliance with EduNet to Offer School Fundraising Solutions

Springfield, IL December 30, 1998 – CityScape Communications has signed a strategic alliance with EduNet of Springfield, IL. EduNet offers fundraising solutions to school systems in Illinois by reselling Internet services.

CityScape Communications will provide the Internet service, technical support and billing. School children will solicit family, friends and neighbors to sign up for Internet service to support their school system.

The EduNet fundraising solution provides school systems a much higher return than traditional fundraisers such as candy sales. CityScape Communications President and Chief Technical Officer Steve Horrighs, Jr. stated, “We are very happy to have formed an alliance with EduNet. We feel strongly that this fundraising program will benefit schools, not just by raising much needed funding, but also by offering affordable and reliable Internet services to communities that do not yet have access to the Internet.

CityScape Communications is a ‘total solutions provider’ offering expert data networking consulting, design, implementation and maintenance. CityScape Communications provides a wide range of data and telecommunications services, including Internet services, professional web site design, telephone systems and voice mail applications. For further information, contact Luan Aten at 888-248-9722.


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