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Marketing plan outline

Okay, So you’ve developed what you think is an excellent marketing plan. You’ve identified your target audiences, set your business objectives and corresponding marketing goals, and decided upon your marketing strategies and tactics. Now that it’s all laid out, it seems easy enough. Just execute the plan! Right?!? Wrong.


This is the mentality that sometimes heads a company in the wrong direction. Developing your plan is a lot of work and fills your calendar with the tasks at hand. However, what many firms forget is the importance of the communication that’s used within the marketing materials. What you say to your target is key!

Emphasizing your points of differentiation in ways that tap into human experiences and emotions work the best. How do you know if you’ve “nailed” this technique? It’s what your potential customers say to themselves that really matters. If they say…”that’s one hell of a brochure”, then you’ve missed the boat. If they say…”that’s one hell of a product or service”, then you’ve successfully communicated your message.

Below, is a template marketing plan that every biz should take in consideration. Each is just as important as the next. Don’t be the only one to review your marketing plan, make sure to show them to someone else (who can be trusted to be honest!)

Marketing plan outline

  • Situation Analysis
  • Competition and Our Advantages
  • Products and Pricing
  • Business Objectives
  • Marketing Challenges
  • Target Audiences
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Action Plan/CalendarHopefully, once your biz has really considered the above, your marketing affect will be noticible.

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