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Using Halftone Effects in Photoshop

This is a trick in PhotoShop. An easy and great way to liven up some of the borders on your graphics.

Choose the image you wish to apply the effect on. It is a lot easier to have a little extra canvas space around your image. To add canvas space make sure to reset your default swatches to black and white on the tool bar by hitting the letter D on your key board. Then choose IMAGE-CANVAS Size and resize your canvas to the desired width and height.


Next, you will need select part of the image(hit the letter M on your keyboard to select the marquis). Depending on how large your halftone circles will be, you will need to select within the border of the image. This will take a little experimenting. Once you have selected the image, choose SELECT-INVERSE This will select everything opposite of what you have previously chosen to select.


Now, you want to hit the letter Q on your keyboard to apply Quick Mask. This will turn the image an off-redish color. You are now ready to apply your filter. You can experiment with different types of filters, but we will use the Color Halftone filter for this trick. So, you will now select FILTER-PIXELATE-COLOR HALFTONE and in the maximum radius we chose 8. You can change this number to experiment with pixel size, etc. Once you have hit OK, your square will now have the filter applied. Hit the letter Q on your keyboard to disable the Quick Mask.

Quick Mask

Finally, you will hit the BACKSPACE key on the keyboard to delete part of the image. By hitting the letter D on your keyboard, you can de-select your image and have a wonderful halftone image! Use your eraser tool to erase any deformed dots like the three along the bottom of my image. Or try copying/pasting other dots from around the image to repair the injured dots.


Author: Gina Hutchings
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2 thoughts on “Using Halftone Effects in Photoshop

  1. Thank you very much. I learn useful filter. I will very useful for my designs. Thank you very much

  2. I like using Color Halftone on layer masks, but I find it annoying that it still leaves little “dots” of white in regions that should be all black. You can even see the dots in your final picture.

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