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Freelance vs Inhouse

The differences between being a freelance and in-house designer – very funny!




Business Casual Socks

Office Space:

The size of a small kitchen The kitchen

Medical Benefits:


Vacation Time:

2 weeks 52 Weeks

Office Politics:

Ignoring people who talk behind your back Ignoring strange voices in the back of your head.


No smoking on premises No smoking in bed

Bending rules:

Wasting corps on personal long-distance phone calls . Trying not to spend too much on 900 #’s

Best Advantage:

Steady income, all benefits paid No need to shower daily


Have huge expense acct. but get taken to a fancy feast by a freelancer Eat Fancy Feast (12 oz. can)

Playing the game:

Kissing corp. butt Kissing messenger butt

3:00 appt:

With the head honcho With Rikki Lake

Not feeling well:

Call in Sick Suffer

Most dreaded sound:

A ringing telephone A silent telephone

For extra money:

You can freelance on the side You can mow lawns on the side

Greatest ambition:

Going freelance Retiring

Greatest fear:

Getting fired Going back in-house

Author: Gina Hutchings
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