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Talkin’ Client Side Part 1

Whether you are a seasoned design pro or a rookie just getting into the game, client relations are the key to making your business BOOM!! HAPPY clients make or break any business. It is what a successful business person should strive for (Bill Gates,take note) You want to be successful, right?? I thought so. This IS about marketing, right…?

Customers, or clients become unhappy most often when they don’t get what they wanted; they expected something more, and of course, as a result of the above. they feel ripped off. In other words, people expect to get what they pay for. People whole heartedly pay for services that meet or exceeded their expectations. So, it’s simple (yeah, right) – making clients happy is just a matter of meeting their expectation and giving them what they want.

But, what about the clients who don’t know what they want? Building web sites is a relatively new service, and a lot of people will be unaware of “how this web site thing works.” CLIENTS won’t know what they want much less what to expect of their site. Put yourself into a “dumb” client’s shoes (yeah, the big floppy ones) – You are hiring someone to build something, but you don’t know how it works and you don’t know why you should have it, and on top of it all they are billing you $50(or more) an hour to build it. WHOA!! not for me!!!!

Well, here is where the marketing end of it all comes in. Part of marketing your services is educating clients. The web is a new thing to them and most likely, they have functioned without a web site. They want to develop a site only because it’s the hot new thing, and everyone else is getting one. Well, let’s stop and make a comparison. A long time ago people didn’t use PC’s. The typewriter was fine, right? Well, to sell this new concept, people needed to understand what the product could do for them and be educated about it. It’s the concept that software companies use when giving out demos. When you learn about their product, you will want to buy it. By teaching clients about you, your services, and the web, you are instantly marketing! They know what they are buying and why they need it. There will be no confusion on what they paid for, and they will be happy because they got what they wanted.

Sometimes, the “DUMMY” in them doesn’t come out until you’re finished. You thought you gave them what they wanted, but you missed something. For example: You finish building a huge e-commerce site and they ask “how do my customers buy something?” Early on, you will want to make sure that they are aware of the BASICS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT and understands what they are buying.

Bacics of Web development
The Three Bacics of Web development that your clients will need to be taught to insure their eventual happiness with your services:

  1. What their site is for and what it will do for them. (Often referred to as GOALS of site)
  2. How you fit in – How you will build it and what they are paying YOU for.
  3. How their site functions or how it runs.

Teaching the client about web site design is not an easy thing and is often frustrating. In the coming months we will focus on “SPEAKING DUMMY”. This is my term for using analogies to educate clients and answer their questions. Example Dummy Question: My business operates fine now, so why get on the web? Well, as in the above PC/typewriter analogy: People got along fine with typewriters, in the past, but the PC sure made it easier to do the same tasks, as well as, add a whole slew of other capabilities. The web is the same way. It can do many of the same things you use a brochure for, but it has a broader reach, etc. etc. See what I mean? It’s like SPEAKING DUMMY.

In the end, clients who understand what their site is for, what you are doing for them and how the site works, will be much easier to please. You will be able to do your job building the site, knowing exactly what to build with the assurance of an understanding and soon to be happy client.

Author: Adam Strong
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