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  • How to see how many people liked or shared your site on Facebook

    Every wondered how many people pressed the like button for your site? Or how many shares you have on Facebook? As it is pretty important to get those facts or atleast fun to see it this is how you do it. And it is pretty easy but not super well known.

  • New site: Collection of great webapps

    Internet becomes more and more interactive and useful for many different purposes. Many of the services and tools that previous were dependent of downloadable software, now works perfectly online, directly in your browser.

  • Iphone and backlight

    Sometimes you are just lucky with the backlight on the Iphone. It takes pretty decent photos sometimes, more of luck than anything else I think.

  • Amazing photography by Liu Bolin

    I went to Fotografiska museum in Stockholm, Sweden this weekend which is the best and almost only photomuseum. The main event is the works of late Robert Mapplethorpe. Although I liked what I saw from him, I discovered an amazing artist with the name of Liu Bolin, from China.

  • Use free webfonts from Google

    When I was looking for fonts the other day I found the font tool from Google. The great thing about this is that Google will host the fonts for you so you can easily implement them so you can use any font you like from the site on your own site.

  • Gmail in a great new look

    I were today thinking of how nice the new Google calender look looks. And really wondered when they are going to change it also to Gmail. Because they MUST right?

  • Press Release Distribution

    So now that you wrote your killer press release it does not stop there. There is no use to write one and not to distribute the press release. The first step is to put the release on your facebook page, twitter and all the other social media channels, then submit it to a press

  • Book Press Release Example

    Book Press Release Example

    A press release sample for a Book Release. Feel free to use this text as a template but you are not allowed to resell it.

  • Event Press Release Example

    Event Press Release Example

    A press release sample for an event. Feel free to use this text as a template but you are not allowed to resell it.

  • Free Press Release Examples

    Here is some press release examples for different industries. Feel free to use them as you like but you may not sell or redistribute them. If you are missing any industry please contact us and we will fix new ones.