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How to see how many people liked or shared your site on Facebook

Every wondered how many people pressed the like button for your site? Or how many shares you have on Facebook? As it is pretty important to get those facts or atleast fun to see it this is how you do it. And it is pretty easy but not super well known.

1. Go to (and I assume that you are logged into Facebook)


2. There you get a META tag that you need to put in your header of your site. Ask your webmaster to do so if you can’t do it yourself.


3. When this is done you get a great deal of statistics that you can spend the weekend going through! It is great to have when you change something on your site and want to see the impact of the change.

Good luck getting your site on the social sites!

New site: Collection of great webapps

Internet becomes more and more interactive and useful for many different purposes. Many of the services and tools that previous were dependent of downloadable software, now works perfectly online, directly in your browser.

I personally have all my apps within my Chrome(yes, I use chrome) bookmark bar which is updated across browsers.

A great, new page that has undertaken the huge task of collecting many of those online apps are Apparently at present a Beta version, but still a very useful and interesting site that gives you an overview of what´s avaliable. Check it out, it is pretty handy.

From the same company that started Webb TV.

Amazing photography by Liu Bolin

I went to Fotografiska museum in Stockholm, Sweden this weekend which is the best and almost only photomuseum. The main event is the works of late Robert Mapplethorpe. Although I liked what I saw from him, I discovered an amazing artist with the name of Liu Bolin, from China. His work with the “The Invisible Man” is so great! He painted himself and took portraits and it is just looks amazing to me. The thing is that the painting he did is not that great which tells me that thing in a photo does not have to be perfect for looking perfect.

Supermarket - Liu Bolin

The Invisible Man - Liu Bolin

Use free webfonts from Google

Google webfonts
Google webfonts

When I was looking for fonts the other day I found the font tool from Google. The great thing about this is that Google will host the fonts for you so you can easily implement them so you can use any font you like from the site on your own site. Which has always been kind of tricky. Now it is kind of a copy paste thing as you just copy a code if you want to use a certain font and put it in the header. And then just change the CSS.

I really like the interface as it is fast and it is a great way to test fonts for a logo etc. Not that many fonts but really great!

Check it out here:

Gmail in a great new look

I were today thinking of how nice the new Google calender look looks. And really wondered when they are going to change it also to Gmail. Because they MUST right? Then I checked the theme page, and there I found it…the new theme! And it is really looking great I have to say.

So if you want to test it go to gmail – settings for mail – themes – click the preview theme…and save and there you go.