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Use free webfonts from Google

Google webfonts
Google webfonts

When I was looking for fonts the other day I found the font tool from Google. The great thing about this is that Google will host the fonts for you so you can easily implement them so you can use any font you like from the site on your own site. Which has always been kind of tricky. Now it is kind of a copy paste thing as you just copy a code if you want to use a certain font and put it in the header. And then just change the CSS.

I really like the interface as it is fast and it is a great way to test fonts for a logo etc. Not that many fonts but really great!

Check it out here:

Streaming Media Part 2

In part I of this series, I discussed streaming audio which is the most mature of the streaming techniques. Just as surely as television followed radio, the rapid advancement of Internet technology now makes it possible to add high resolution images to your audio presentations on the web; they can even be designed to that your images change with audio cues. Continue reading “Streaming Media Part 2”

Streaming Media Part 1

Statistics tell us that there are 5,000 new websites coming on-line everyday! Sadly, they all have one thing in common…they are all starting to look the same. Our company, pursuing its own marketing efforts, has the need to look at thousands of small business websites, and they seem to have the same ingredients: a few pictures, lots of text, and maybe an animated gif. Continue reading “Streaming Media Part 1”

Ten Things I Hate About Your Website (6-10)

Well, this is the second part of the abuse. Remember, this is therapy for myself, so I can stand to surf the web, and it is good advice for you so you don’t become a pet peeve of mine. Yah, I am a bit harsh, but so is life. If you want to have a nice site, don’t include any of these things I complain about in your site. Continue reading “Ten Things I Hate About Your Website (6-10)”


As we move into the next millennium, one’s approach to the job market is becoming exceedingly more sophisticated. Technologically, our options are ever evolving at a rather fast clip. To find a job today, we work with the new world of career management web sites, on-line communities, listservs, video conference interviews, virtual offices, data mining techniques, virtual reality job simulations, and newsgroups, just to name a few. Continue reading “Websumes”