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How to see how many people liked or shared your site on Facebook

Every wondered how many people pressed the like button for your site? Or how many shares you have on Facebook? As it is pretty important to get those facts or atleast fun to see it this is how you do it. And it is pretty easy but not super well known.

1. Go to (and I assume that you are logged into Facebook)


2. There you get a META tag that you need to put in your header of your site. Ask your webmaster to do so if you can’t do it yourself.


3. When this is done you get a great deal of statistics that you can spend the weekend going through! It is great to have when you change something on your site and want to see the impact of the change.

Good luck getting your site on the social sites!

How to market a new website

Okay, so you want to go online, and you are working on the web site. Maybe you have your web site already up, and the traffic just isn’t what you expected? Well, would you have a wedding by just buying the dress? Maybe a Vegas Wedding is your style, but for a real wedding, there is a lot of planning. With your site, you must market it Continue reading “How to market a new website”

Marketing plan outline

Okay, So you’ve developed what you think is an excellent marketing plan. You’ve identified your target audiences, set your business objectives and corresponding marketing goals, and decided upon your marketing strategies and tactics. Now that it’s all laid out, it seems easy enough. Just execute the plan! Right?!? Wrong. Continue reading “Marketing plan outline”

Talkin’ Client Side Part 1

Whether you are a seasoned design pro or a rookie just getting into the game, client relations are the key to making your business BOOM!! HAPPY clients make or break any business. It is what a successful business person should strive for (Bill Gates,take note) You want to be successful, right?? I thought so. This IS about marketing, right…? Continue reading “Talkin’ Client Side Part 1”

Talkin’ Client Side Part 2

Let’s do a refresher. Clients need to be taught. They need to know what you are building for them, how it works, how you are paid, what work you will be doing, etc. The client is not going to understand all of this, because the web and web development are new business concepts to most. Most clients have not been involved in web design prior to their involvement with you. Continue reading “Talkin’ Client Side Part 2”

Bad Ass Site Awards

First, there are about a million web site awards you can win. Chances are some of those awards are so bad, you probably wouldn’t want them displayed on your web site even if you did win. If you are a web designer, chances are some of those awards are not within your reach because the people that give the awards away are web designers (the Lunar Graphics award, by the way, is for everyone). Continue reading “Bad Ass Site Awards”

Ten Inexpensive Ways to market your website

People sometimes really miss the boat on simple ways to market their web site. Your URL IS part of your company and should be incorporated into ANY marketing you may do. I have a client with a retail store who proudly showed off his new T-shirts to me one day. To my dismay, no URL was present anywhere on the shirts. It doesn’t cost much to add a URL to anything that you currently use to market your business, but some of these you may have forgotten all about. The tips below are CHEAP and EASY ways to get traffic to your site. Continue reading “Ten Inexpensive Ways to market your website”