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5 Techniques to overpower your competition

To beat your competition, you have to use little techniques that will make you stand out. There are numerous techniques and ideas you can use, but I’m going to show you five important techniques that will help you take your competition by surprise.


To increase the amount of orders you receive, can be done by changing the price you charge. For example, you sell a book for $10. Instead of charging $10 to the customer, charge $9.99 or $9.95. In some cases you can even go up. For example, you could sell a book for $19.95 instead of your original price of $18. Even though this price is higher, you can still receive the same amount of orders or maybe more! The reason why is people will look toward the whole dollar and will not include the cents in their mind. If you are selling something that is $10, a $9.95 price tag just sounds better even though it is only five cents cheaper. This is not a very big change, but it can really help close the sale.

Power words

Another technique is you can use power words. What I’m talking about is words like most powerful, fastest, cheapest, smallest, etc. These types of words usually get more attention, because they are supposedly better than the competition. A good example is motor companies. They can run an ad and say a particular vehicle is the most powerful, roomiest, and fastest car in its class. They are able to say this because of the keyword “in its class”. But what people like and want to hear are the power words. The most powerful, roomiest and fastest car. So when the customer searches for a new vehicle, they will have those ideas in their head, which might be the deciding factor on what vehicle they purchase.

Time-limited offer

Offering a time-limited special might decrease your profits or take more time but can give you great success. This extra offer can be savings, free shipping, or an extra-added product or service to the item they are purchasing. You need to find something that you can offer that is related to your original products or service. I would find something that is as cheap as possible, if not free. Also, put a time limit on this special offer you are giving, because it makes the customer act now, and does not give them time to check out your competition.


Upgrading your service or products can be very helpful. Try to add new improvements to your products or service and tell your customers what you have done. This will show the customer that your company is determined to keep your service or products up to date with the competition. It will also let them know of all the new features you have added and can be one of the deciding factors they pick in choosing you over your competition.

Sub Product

One idea very few companies implant is selling a product or service to sell your main products or service. Let’s say your main business is the web hosting industry. You can offer a web site’s submission service that will help people promote their web site. People will be paying you for this service and you will also have their contact information to offer them your web hosting service. Your web site submission service might not bring in a big profit or none at all, but it is targeted to your main business and will give you free leads to new potential customers. You might even want to offer the submission service for free to get more leads.

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